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Basic Estate Plan

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Attorney Jones

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Basic Estate Plan

In choosing Jones Law, you will receive not only a well advised and drafted estate plan, but peace of mind. Once an individual turns 18 years of age, parents lose certain rights and abilities to look out for and assist their children. Whether young, old, single, or married, everyone should have at a minimum a “basic estate plan.” Not only can planning help in emergencies, but even day to day tasks. (e.g. paying bills, filing tax returns, obtaining medical records, etc.) We recognize the importance of educating our clients as to how their plan works for them.

This package includes the following:


Cost: $375

***Under 35 discounted rate available.

Think this plan sounds good? Call us to schedule a no cost educational and planning call. We can discuss options and choose a plan to best accomplish your wishes and meet your needs.

Not finding what you are looking for? We offer other services on a flat fee, hybrid, or hourly rate. Please visit our sildenafil priligy cheap section to learn more about all that we do.

NOTE: The fees listed above are not binding and are subject to change at anytime without notice until a formal fee agreement is signed with Jones Law PLC.

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