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Individual Trust Package

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Attorney Jones

Individual Trust Package

Before starting any new relationship, it is important to get to know one another. It is our goal to ensure you are comfortable with us both personally and professionally. At your no cost educational meeting, we will discuss estate planning in general, available options, and how to best accomplish your wishes and needs. If at the end of your educational meeting you decide to move forward, we will schedule your planning meeting and provide a client questionnaire to be completed and returned prior to. This will assist us when discussing particulars at your planning meeting. We will send you a detailed engagement letter outlining the scope of work and suggested schedule.

“We strive to go above and beyond the norm. Not only do our clients receive highly detailed and comprehensive work product, but also important ancillary documents not otherwise found in the ‘run of the mill’ plans. Not all estate plans are created equal, and we take pride in our added-value approach.” – Attorney Joseph C. Jones

In choosing Jones Law, you will receive not only a well advised and drafted estate plan, but peace of mind. We recognize the importance of educating our clients as to how their plan works for them. For future reference, we provide a detailed summary of your estate planning provisions, fiduciaries, designated persons, and client information.

This package includes the following:


Cost: $1,795or$2,195 w/ sub-trusts for children or other beneficiaries

Think this plan sounds good? Call us to schedule a no cost educational meeting. We can discuss options and choose a plan to best accomplish your wishes and meet your needs.

Not finding what you are looking for? We offer other services on a flat fee, hybrid, or hourly rate. Please visit our buy cheap priligy section to learn more about all that we do.

NOTE: The fees listed above are not binding and are subject to change at anytime without notice until a formal fee agreement is signed with Jones Law PLC.

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