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It’s a terrible tragedy to see people work hard, scrape and save their whole lives, then just throw away their money – – and their family’s future – – when they die.

Unfortunately, as an estate planning attorney, I have seen this occur all too often.

How can this happen to someone who diligently watches his or her financial affairs and successfully builds a good size estate?

It’s often just plain lack of knowledge. Think about it…most of our knowledge is acquired through experience.  But, few of us have yet to experience the consequences of death (unless someone close to you has passed away and you’ve been involved in handling his or her estate).

Because of certain common misconceptions about estate planning, many people unwittingly commit some terrible mistakes that later cause tremendous grief for them and their family.

Let me share some of these mistakes with you – – the ones I consider “The Top 10” – – in the hope that you will not repeat them!