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Don't react -- be proactive.


Don't risk -- manage it.


Don't preserve -- build.

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You will hear this from us quite often. These are not meaningless buzz words, but guiding principles. With proper planning, you can better protect yourself, family, business, and ultimate legacy.


Why Us?

Trusted Advisor Method

We believe the best way to provide effective and meaningful legal counsel is to act as a trusted advisor. Far too often are attorneys seen as mere zealous advocates of their clients position. Simply advocating without advising the client as to their long-term well-being can be disastrous. Though we most certainly represent our clients interests, we incorporate advice into the decision making process beyond just “the law.”

Value Based Approach

An attorney’s legal services are only as good as the value it provides to the client. We focus on the added value we offer to our clients. In many instances, we replace traditional hourly rates with flat fee and hybrid billing. Not only do clients better understand the cost upfront, but appreciate the value in the end.

Innovative Solutions

Simply put, clients seek answers to questions and solutions to problems. Not only do laws change, but so do client needs. That being said, we strive to provide innovative and flexible services to meet those needs. We also take pride in our utilization of the latest legal technologies; always improving upon the way we deliver value.

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