Asset protection planning expands upon traditional estate planning. Many people believe that their current estate plan will protect their assets from lawsuits or creditor claims. By and large, neither a will nor a living/revocable trust alone will protect your assets. Whether you are a professional (e.g. accountant, attorney, dentist, doctor, or financial advisor), business owner, real estate investor, or retiree, you may benefit from asset protection planning. With a comprehensive asset protection plan, you can better protect your hard earned assets.

We live in a very litigious society – in any year, Americans have a 10% chance of being sued, and a 33% chance over their lifetime. (According to IFG Trust Services, Inc.) That being the case, asset protection planning can benefit a wide variety individuals and businesses. There is no one size fits all in asset protection planning. It is important that any planning be made well in advance of a lawsuit or creditor claim.

Before starting any new relationship, it is important to get to know one another. It is our goal to ensure you are comfortable with us both personally and professionally. At your no cost educational meeting, we will discuss asset protection in general, available options, and how to best accomplish your goals.

Common Services:

Personal + Professional Protection
o Pre + Post Marital Agreements
o LLC’s w/ Charging Order Protection
o Business Liability Isolation Entities
o Equity Stripping Transactions

Family + Inheritance Protection
o Transfer on Death / Enhanced Life Estate Deeds (“Lady-Bird Deeds”)
o Life Insurance Trusts (“ILIT”)
o Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts (“SLAT”)
o Educational, Spendthrift, and Gift Trusts (including multiple beneficiary “Dynasty Trusts”)
o Special Needs Trusts (“SNT”)
o Charitable Remainder Trusts (“CRT”; Annuity and Uni-Trust)
o Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts (“CLAT”)
o Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (“GRAT”)
o Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (“QPRT”)
o Foundation/Endowment Trusts
o Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts (“IDGT”)
o Medicaid and/or VA Planning Trusts
o Personal Residence Medicaid and/or VA Trusts

Not finding what you are looking for? We offer a number of flat fee packages to meet your needs. Please visit our “Flat Fee Services” section to learn more.