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Do You Have A Plan … That Works For You?

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Do you have an estate plan … that works for you? For many, the answer is “no” — being it is often overlooked or put off due to the daily buzz we call life. No plan at all is certainly the top estate planning mistake of all time. However, even for those who say “yes” to the question, often have a hard time explaining what their plan really is.

Some may not remember because it was drafted around the same time ABBA released their hit song Dancing Queen — which means a review of such plan is long overdue. For others, it may have been a quick visit to LegalZoom before their first trip out of the country — or even a free form found online. Indeed, technology has made legal forms more readily accessible via the internet. However, an attorney’s value proposition in any particular estate plan is far more complex than many realize — it is all about the “details” being done right. A knowledgeable estate planning attorney will:

  • Advise and determine what type of plan makes sense;
  • Custom draft a plan to best fit the client’s wishes and needs;
  • Document client competency to deter a future contest;
  • Ensure the plan is properly executed and attested; and
  • Be available to make changes or additions as necessary.

Whether eighteen (read “College Students + Estate Planning: The Essentials“) or eighty-one, there is estate planning for all adults. (read “The Estate Planning Matrix: Trust Based v. Will Based“) This is some of the most important planning anyone can do, as it can touch upon every aspect of your life — both now, in the future, and after you are gone. If you are about to or have already experienced a major life event (e.g. marriage, birth of a child, disability, inheritance, etc.), you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to plan accordingly. Over time, things change and so will your estate planning needs. Do you have an estate plan … that works for you?

Attorney Joseph C. Jones advises clients on estate planning, asset protection, business law, and real estate law matters. Joe can be reached at (906) 914-4181 or [email protected] Jones Law PLC is a Michigan & Wisconsin based provider of legal services.

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